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Re: big bad birtha's suggestion box 2: secret passions unveiled

In fighters with speed vs. damage trade-offs, I always go for "fastest but lightest-hitting." Like in DOA, for example, I always play Kasumi and Ayane; rarely mid-speed girls like Hitomi or Lei Fang; and never slow characters like Helena or (even worse) Bayman and Leon and Bass.

So whoever is the fastest girl in IaMP (both in terms of speed with which her salvos are fired, and in terms of speed with which she can jump around the screen) would probably be my pick. But I've only ever tried Reimu and Marisa, #1 and #2. Because I couldn't properly play (read: I could only hit the A button, the B button, or the C button, basically. No combos, and no D button), I had no fun because I just kept hitting B all the time (the attack that, for Reimu, sends out her spell tags towards the opponent in a straight line of just 1 "row" ... not the fan of 5, that's Button C). I usually would die twice per round, but eventually would win. That quit being the case against this one girl you fight inside what looks like a ballroom or something, and I gave up.
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