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Re: UPN PASBL: Shadowshocker vs. Another Fan

Round 3:
Kadabra moves his Light Screen uses Psychic and releases a blast of psychic energy towards Porygon, who looks at his trainer oddly, it doesn't know Light Screen! Because of this, the wave crashes into him, dealing damage. Teddisura then tries to punch Porygon, Wynaut tries to jump in the way, but he can't clear the rocks. Porygon is hit and some of his fighting spirit is drained, healing Teddisura.

Kadabra used a good deal of energy, and is not as fresh as he once was, but took no damage. Porygon used no energy but took a ton of damage, and is starting to look fairly beat up, as if some more solid hits would finnish it off. Wynaut is still trapped and used no energy and took no damage, meaning he is still the best off of everyone by far. Teddisura used a good deal of energy but took no damage and even gained a fair amount of health, meaning her health lead over Kadabra and Porygon has increased, and has even caught up some on Wynaut.
PASBL Stats:
Trainer Level: 2; Wins: 14; Losses: 13; Draws: 2; Knockouts: 28; Trainer Points: 85.5; Service Points: 6; DQ Losses: 1; DQ Wins: 0; Badges: 1 (Referee Badge)

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