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Re: UPN PASBL: Shadowshocker vs. Another Fan

You overestimate my memory, bird. But hey, I'll try, and if I do something wrong, just tell me. Huh, battling on UPN, haven't done that in a while. Why not RP a bit?

Now, um... I would RP right now, but eh, screw it, can't RP unless I get a bit of description, and obviously, there isn't any yet, so here's my squad, I assume I send out my pokemon without any orders.

Funji: Female Paras Level 1
Feeble, pathetic and scared of most things. Enjoys battling though. Because for some reason she doesn't usually realise that she could get hurt.
No sig move.

Mud: Male Barboach Level 1
Simply slow, in both respects of the word but powerful when he tries his best.
No sig move.

Bir & Bik: Male Doduo Level 1
Bir & Bik are one of the rare cases were each head has a different brain. Bir is an extreme optimist while Bik is an extreme pessimist. This causes them to be more emotional than most of their species. Therefore moves that are based on emotion get a boost.
Special Training: Emotional Boost
The moves Return, Frustration and Facade have their power increased by 30%.

Prygn.exe: Genderless Porygon Level 1
Prygn.exe is a hacked and unauthorised Porygon. It like most hacks has glitches. One of which is to change type, texture and colour randomly when told to perform the command to spin its tail.
Special Technique: Tail Swirl
Spins tail clockwise once and changes type, texture and colour randomly. Used once per battle. Energy usage is equal to Conversion2.

Princess: Female Smoochum Level 1
A dramatic brat, rather aggravating but play rough cause of her huge need to be better than everything else.
No sig move.

Sutel: Male Wynaut Level 1
Happy, happy wynaut. That does nothing but stand all day. I have no idea what is going through that thing's mind.
No sig move.

Prygn.exe and Sutel are battling a bit now.

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