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Name: Roto ???
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Class: Technophile (Electric Major, Steel Minor and Grass Weakness)
Appearance: Roto is a small, 4' 2" tall boy who weighs in at just 70 pounds. He has short, blond hair which usually has a strand or two sticking up and wears a pair of glasses, and always has a pencil notched in his ear. He wears an orange jacket with a bright, light blue stripe(think regular Rotom blue) running right down the sleeves and through the middle of the jacket, which he never takes off. He also wears a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers. He carries an orange backpack with a bright, light blue stripe just like on his jacket. It has many packets to store thing, and Roto always keeps a notepad with many notes taken with a handwriting smaller than point 1 font in it, as well as a flashlight, few extra pencils and batteries, and a small electric pencil sharpener. He also carries a mysterious orange watch the size of a baby's wrist with his name written on it which he has had ever since he could remember.
Personality: An absolute whiz at all things technology, Roto loves to build machines, create programs, and do anything related to technology. Even though he is young, Roto's gadgets and creations have made him somewhat famous, and he loves making new things in order to please others. His dream is to be able to share the joy he finds in technology with as many people as he can. As a person, he is fairly childish in nature, being only 10, but can be extremely serious when dealing with technology or important friends. He is a cautious person usually, preferring to think things through, but also has a strng sense of justice and will always try and help a person or a Pokémon in need. He is also extremely modest, and is quick to credit others whenever he creates something new(which is fairly often).
Background: Roto was adopted at a young age by an old man who had found him crying just a day after the Disasters ended. He has no idea who his parents were, and the only way he knew his name was because of an orange watch he was found wearing with the name "Roto" written on it. To this day Roto still has no idea about the circumstances of his birth are, and doesn't remember a region before the Disasters. The old man who took care of him used to be an engineer, and he still had many machines and other things lying about around the house. As such Roto practically grew up around technology, and he would always be found fiddling with something in the house. At such the tender age of four the old man, who Roto called Uncle Lumi, found out that Roto had built a robot that could grab things and sort them in appropriate baskets out of the circuit board of a laptop and the motors of a toy car, an incredible feat for one so young. Since then, Roto has been building, programming, and designing new gadgets out of anything he could find, usually with the help of Uncle Lumi. Unfortunately, just after Roto turned ten, Uncle Lumin passed away, and Roto decided to go on a journey in order to survive, as well as trying to spread the joy of technology as he goes.
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