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Beat: Zelda: Breath of the Wild (at least 50 hours)

Which I beat accidentally while looting Hyrule Castle, because I thought I would get an "oh shit you're about to fight Gannon" warning prompt rather than being dropped straight into the final battle. I'd cleared all the Divine Beasts beforehand, but yeah. I now have all the memories needed for the "true" ending, but I haven't gotten around to it and also I watched it on Youtube.
  • Remember when we were all "man, I wish Nintendo used actual VA in their games" and Nintendo was like "I got you fam, hope you like the cringiest, hammiest Ren Faire Zelda you have previously heard in your darkest nightmares"

  • Gannonhorse is real, and strong, and my friend

  • I love that Nintendo's answer to the default open world proclivity of people trying to climb shit was to just make everything climbable. Although maybe not so good in my case, since I had to use a guide to find Hatsu (I climbed the mountains to reach Kakariko instead of taking the road) so that he could take my Korok poop and give me more space for swords.

  • The weapon durability system gets better (especially when you can start fucking up Lynels consistently and stealing their shotgun bows and 50+ damage one-handers), but it's still a dumb mechanic that ultimately still feels like a solution looking for a problem. Like, you know it was a bad idea when they had to make the Master Sword shittier to get it to work.

    Spoiler: show
    GREAT DEKU TREE: "Link, you have drawn forth the Master Sword, the sword that seals the darkness and slayer of evil, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Also, don't use it too much or it gets tired and has to go on its union-mandated break."


    GDT: "Yes, the Master Sword has a union."


    GDT: "I know that a union technically has to have more than one member, but once it realized that it was the only power capable of sealing the evil that plagues our world it had leverage, you know?"


    GDT: "Look, it's either this shit or it's going to fucking start talking again."

  • Alternatively, somebody at Nintendo has never forgiven OoT's Biggoron Sword, stalking the halls of Nintendo's Kyoto office while screaming incoherently about trading chickens for saws.

  • Every time I find a Korok under a rock, I drop it back on their head

  • I don't generally indulge in NPC murder in other open world games, but I wish I could in BotW so that I could throw the 120-year-old-woman-in-a-six-year-old's-body-because-Japan off her fucking mountain

  • SEY CHEEEEEEE is the sound that will greet me when I awaken in hell
"It does not matter anymore. We cannot change the past. The future will have to do."
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