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Originally Posted by Stealthy View Post
...ASB doesn't use base stats dude.
I spend time away from PASBL for two months and look at what happens. Fcuk me. Thanks Stealthy, Connor.
  • Still consider Kommo-o on the basis of its (likely scale-based) SC. It's rather small on the one hand, but its diverse movepool make it potent combatant.
  • Vikavolt should be changed to 4 if the properties associated with Levitate are included in its SC.
  • Unless the implementation of Z-Moves is expected to be a real game-changer, I'd rather the Starters' final evolutions be dropped to 3.
  • Mudsdale is both heavy and a force to be reckoned with as a draft horse; I can't imagine its SC detracting from that. Change it to Level 5.
  • Golisopod's typing isn't bad and it's built solid. However, it's the SC that should be taken account here, especially if it was written to reflect Emergency Exit.
  • I feel like Araquanid's SC warrants a downgrade to Level 2. It's a specialized and more mobile version of Golisopod. (Besides, correct me if I am wrong, but judging from the SC I assume the rest of its body is still vulnerable to fire, no?)
  • Toxapex is like a wall of spikes, but its signature move Baneful Bunker suggests it has very little business moving much anywhere. That can be a handicap in any number of ways. Leave it as is.
  • Ribombee and Lurantis have great potential considering their movepools, but their typing is decent at best. I imagine the former being agile and small, sure... but not much else. Only Lurantis should be promoted.
  • Dhelmise is far larger than Decidueye, and its anchor-and-chain combo definitely packs a punch. Leave it.

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