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This lineup is more or less what I had in mind.

My thoughts on the swing 'mon:
  • Unless you're going to make a big deal about Ribombee's speed, I think it should be moved to Level 2 because of how frail it is. Keep Lurantis as is.
  • Because of Wimpod's niche as a two-mover, I think Golisopod should be treated as Gyarados otherwise would.
  • Even with that SC, Araquanid isn't that stellar. Toxapex on the other hand is rather resilient.
  • Although the Starters' final evolutions are very good, they are not Level 4 material.
  • Put Mudsdale at Level 5. It's an incredible tank with phenomenal defensive capabilities.
  • Kommo-o's stats are quite good, but it can go either way. Us its SC to determine its final placement.
  • Vikavolt has Legendary-tier offensives. Strongly consider changing its level to 4.
  • Dhelmise is a tad more specialized than Decidueye, with slightly higher stats. Keep it at its current level.
  • Move Marshadow and Necrozma to Level 6.

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