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Since these two I believe really do warrant the SC being considered, Araquanid and Toxapex;

Araquanid (Water/Bug): Araquanid are adept both on land and in water, being able to propel themselves with their bubble when submerged. Their Water type attacks are amplified by the watery bubble surrounding their body, dealing an additional 20% damage. In addition, this barrier will significantly reduce the power of incoming Fire moves.
Toxapex (Water/Poison): Toxapex are slow moving Pokemon, preferring to walk along the bottom of the water rather than actively swim. They are able to swim, but are not very proficient, and will easily be overpowered by currents. Toxapex have particularly powerful toxins stored within their body, which allow their Poison type attacks to deal an extra 20% damage to Pokemon suffering from the Poison status. They are also rather sturdy, taking 10% less damage from physical blows.
re: Alolan Muk it loses Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Fire Punch, Dynamic Punch (this is quite big), Ice Punch, Giga Drain. I can see it being TL6 but I would like more opinions. It does of course gain Dark STAB and Stone Edge, which is why I'm agreeing with you partially that it could go to 6.

I can also see Buzzwole down to 4 but, again, wouldn't mind seeing a bit more input on that particular one. Good stuff so far though folks let's keep this up!

list of things I agree with movement of:

Spoiler: show
Vikavolt to 4
Mudsdale to 5
Kommo-o remaining 3
Ribombee to 3
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