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Agreeing with Vikavolt rising to 4- it's really the Escavalier to galvantula's Scizor- incredibly similar, but objectively better in every way.

Araquanid should probably be TL2. It's decidedly mediocre, even if the typing is top notch. The only way I see it in TL3 is if we give it Water Bubble: the SC. Other than that case, it pales in comparison to other TL3 waters.

Kommo-O I'm super on the fence with, but considering what a barren wasteland the low TLs are for both of its types, I'm leaning TL3 so long as Clanging Scales isn't insanity.

Alolan Muk feels decidedly TL6 to me. Honestly it doesn't miss a huge amount of stuff in comparison to regular Muk- Ice Punch seems the biggest loss, and the huge upgrade in typing makes that more than worth it, imo.

Ribombee I feel is TL3 material. The typing is decent, the movepool is really strong both offensively and defensively, and it just generally seems much closer to watchog than farfetch'd.

Toxapex seems better for TL3 to me; it really has nothing special going for it that your average Mon of the typing doesn't have (baneful bunker aside), so unless the SC is REALLY dumb, TL3 seems a good home for it.

Buzzwole I feel could drop to TL4 by dint of godawful typing and a distinct lack of high power moves, but it is pretty borderline honestly.

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