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"This could have been worse than what I anticipated." Aposteriori nervously smiles as he realizes that he has no way to cure confusion. To his benefit, his opponent may not be a huge threat as of this moment.

"Try your best to focus your mind Dunsparse, please find time to calm down!"

The effects of calm mind might not even eliminate the initial confusion, but in the mind of the researcher, it is a start. He ponders his next move, and has to face some choices.

"If not confused use Shadow Ball. Otherwise, use Flamethrower instead."

Aposteriori reads up on the rules and it appears to be slightly different from what he is used to. He learns that he has the chance to use a third move, so this is an opportunity that he plans not to waste.

"Finish off the round with Water Pulse". The trainer is praying for the effects of his pokemon's special ability to activate, as that might give him a slight advantage going into the next round.
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