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Dr. Ciel recalls her fallen comrade, and in his place she sends out Serene the Natu!

Natu (Psychic/Flying): Natu can fly, but not fast or well, so most of their movement consists of hopping. They are capable of holding very still, which makes them harder to spot if they're hiding.
[Psychic]: Psychics are considered to automatically be familiar with psychic abilities. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and toss Pokémon. If facing a non-bug, non-dark opponent, psychics can sense their opponent somewhat, making accuracy reducing attacks less effective.
[Flying]: Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation.

Serene starts off on one of the four pontoon on the surface. She unleashes a psychic wave as Aeon surfaces. BAM. Aeon is hit, but not right before deciding to use surf to knock the air out of Serene, dealing some nasty damage off the bat while knocking the birdie into the water. What is this? Oh no.. Aeon cannot continue any further due to energy running out.

Aeon is unable to battle! Final Pokemon & Orders from Connor, please!

Serene took a hit there, but otherwise doing okay.

Sorry connor, forgot to mention your energy levels!
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