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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: While Torchic pecks away, it dawns on you that perhaps these tiles can be destroyed. If that were to happen, then these dry channels should fill with the water from the circular channel surrounding you. And if they were to fill with water -- your eyes trace back along one of the linear channels towards the statue, into whose base the channel seems to disappear -- then maybe ...

"The waters of Hygros shall guide you ..."

"Torchic, do you think you could use an attack like Strength or Night Slash to break this tile?" you ask your Pokemon. "I think it's what's stopping the water from getting through here!" As Torchic pulls back from the tile and prepares to unleash an attack, you hop over to one of the other three channels and kneel down in front of the ceramic tile sealing it off from the surrounding stream of water. You wonder to yourself, maybe even I can punch through one of these? "If I survive this, Bagon," you say, turning back over your shoulder to address the tired baby dragon, "I'm getting my nails redone." Bagon snorts, and you think you can see him roll his eyes as if to say, "Our survival depends on this?" But as you turn back around to face the ceramic tile in front of you, Bagon behind you actually trots over to another of the tiles, kicking the dust in the dried-up channel behind him as if preparing to charge.

The first to act is Torchic. He too is scratching at the ground with his chicken-like talons. You don't see it but they start to glow mysteriously, a shadowy black aura enveloping a bright white center. Suddenly Torchic charges towards his target, "TOOOOOOOOOORCHIC!", and jumpkicks into the air. Right before impact, he makes a vicious slash with his claws, coated by an energy as dark as night. The slashing movement slices into the ceramic tile, cracking it; and as Torchic lands on the tile, he pushes off with all of his might, rebounding back towards the statue. It's a good thing he did this, too, because that blow crumbled the tile before him into six or seven shards and allowed a gentle stream of water to start pouring forth immediately. It crawls over and around the broken clay and flows in a straight line towards the statue. Torchic hops out of the way and lands safely in one of the four dry quadrants between each of the channels.

Right as Torchic is in mid-flight, you and Bagon make your moves as well. You clench your hand into a fist and punch at your tile, breaking it in much the same manner as Torchic has just broken his, the water flowing through in front of you, wetting your hand and soaking your right foot and pant leg. Not wanting to get completely soaked by the water as it continues to pour in, you quickly rise and hop to the side. You watch as the water eagerly quenches the thousand-year thirst of the stones before it and makes its way steadily towards the statue. Bagon, who had been scraping at the ground with his two hind legs as if preparing to charge, does in fact charge, his head lowered, his eyes on the prize. His great bony skull crashes into the tile in front of him, breaking it on impact, and as he instinctively hops away, the water begins to trickle through the cracks in the demolished tile before it gives way to the eager water on the other side. The whole process takes less than a second, and Bagon is soon watching water trip over itself as it makes its way down his channel and towards the statue.

The three of you know what to do next. You all make your way towards the fourth and final tile. You arrive at roughly the same time, Bagon on the left, Torchic in the center, and you on the right. "1 ... 2 ..." you say. You pull back your arm for another punch. Torchic pulls back for another kick. Bagon scrapes at the ground for another charge. Your teamwork is flawless, if a bit overkill, and the three you pulverize the final clay tile. You think you see the bottom half of it turn to dust but you can't be sure since whatever dust might have formed is soon carried off by the water that's rushing in. It splashes over Bagon's bony scalp and he hops backward onto dry land. Some of the spray hits Torchic who chirps in light protest. He jumps atop the base of the statue for safety, clutching tightly with his talons. And as for you, well, your other pant leg gets wet this time, but you too hop over to one of the dry quadrants. And then ...

All three of you watch as the water rushes towards a hole at the base of the statue. Instinctively you afford a quick glance at the other channels. You notice that they appear to be full of water and are slowly rising but seem to have otherwise already hit an equilibrium. This fourth channel is only just getting started on that leg of the adventure but it won't take long for it too to fill. And as it does, you hear something.


"Torchic?" Your feathery friend cocks his head to the side, inquisitively. "Bagon?" Your baby dragon is standing behind and to the right of the statue. He too is looking at the statue, trying to find the source of the noise you all just heard. And then ...


There it is again. It almost sounds ... mechanical in nature. But it's a strange sort of mechanical. It's not entirely metallic. In fact, while there are hints of metallic squeakings and springings, you think you hear the noise of stone grinding on stone. Your guess was right, you realize: you don't know what you've just activated, but whatever it is you're sure it was activated by the water you just allowed into the channels. You glance down at them again. All four have equilibrated from the look of things. The water in the room now forms a circle with four radial paths each leading to the statue at 90° angles from one another. And the statue ...

"Guys, the statue!"


You call out to your Pokemon. The statue ... it's moving! Torchic, startled by the sudden movement, hops down from his perch and flutters over to your side. Bagon hops over the streams of water and joins you at your side as well. The three of you look up at the statue in wonder and amazement as the left arm of the statue elevates and rotates around, in a graceful sweeping motion, to bring the statue's left hand to join its right. As the left arm sweeps up and around like this, at the same time the right arm begins to fan out at a 90° angle in the coronal plane. At the time the two hands meet, the statue is cupping the blue orb with both its hands beneath it. The sound reminds you of a combination of the high-pitched noise of huge blocks of granite grinding against one another and the metallic clinking sound of a drawbridge lowering.


The two arms extend out from the body of the statue towards you, Torchic, and Bagon. The upper half of the statue bends forward in what looks to be a slight bow. And then, just as soon as it started, the mechanical noises come to a stop and the statue finds its new resting position. The only sound in the room is that of the water rushing over the walls of the chamber and coursing through the channels.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
Alice looked over to Torchic as he made his attack, the move black and beautiful, and also effective as the tile cracked, then proceeded to crumble from his bounce away. This at least protected his feathers from the water catching the bird, and she beamed, offering some praise before making her own move, not yet aware that Bagon was helping, too.

It took some concentration. She wasn't a fighting type herself, and she had small hands, but the knowledge that death could be around the corner inspired some force. Her clenched fist did the job, and water flooded into the channel, dampening the hem of her dress and soaking her flats. They were wet enough already! She cursed at the stinging after pain, and shifted her gaze as another tile smashed.

"Oh, Bagon." The trainer said, looking appreciative but also sympathetic. "You look knackered. Thank you, but you really should take a break." Alice told him, getting up and moving to the final tile with her Pokemon. With the three of them, it would be a piece of cake (albeit less yummy), and the tile is pulverised under their combined power. The outfit didn't matter for now, it was already wet. "Aww, Torchic!" She chimed as he fled from getting splashed, and she affectionately petted Bagon's rocky head.

The statue began moving, and Alice frowned, steadily rising to her feet. She could hear clicking, and the grinding of stone against stone. "Guys, the statue!" She called, and her little bird again moved, the three of them observing the beautiful statue's sweeping arm motions and elegant bow, appearing to offer the big blue orb to them. Alice hesitated, but didn't wait too long before going forward, cautiously attempting to pick up the blue sphere.

"Maybe this will guide us." She recalled the parchment, giving the object a concentrated inspection.

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