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Got a poster signed by Alex Hirsch (series' creator/director) and Jason Ritter (the voice of Dipper).

Spoiler: show

No idea who the third name is, but he was between the guy next to the GF poster pile (Hirsch) and a guy wearing Dipper's hat (Ritter) so I figured he must be involved somehow. =x

It was kinda confusing since they were sandwiched in with people from other Disney shows that I don't watch/know anything about, so I wasn't really sure who to go to or if I could even get away with only taking signatures from a few. ^^; Ended up having to get a second poster since someone from Fishhook signed the wrong side with an arrow pointing to Dipper. >>;

Lauren Faust was there too, but I'd already gotten her autograph earlier so I snuck out before coming to her station. Hopefully she or the last guy sitting next to her didn't have anything to do with the series either. >>;

Also snapped a pic of some cosplayers in line:

Spoiler: show
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