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Round Four
Koi: Sai starts the round by attempting his Thunder Wave, but with Sai confused and Cpt. Crow rested, he has no problem zipping out of the way with Agility. As quickly as possible, Sai tries to follow up with an Ice Beam, and, with some effort, manages to hit him in the chest, causing a patch of ice to form on his chest. However, it doesn't miff Cpt. Crow, as he soon lands, fanning out his wings. In his beak, he charges a Shadow Ball, releasing it after a bit of a wait. The ball heads straight for Sai, who tries to evade it, but just stumbles before it smacks into him, sending him across the clouds again. Taking a quick catch-breath, he charges another orb, this one orange, and fires a Hyper Beam at the Zangoose as he tries to recover, blasting him even further. As he skids across the fluffy ground, he tries to recover, but is unsuccessful.

Sai is unable to battle! Stu and Captain Crow are the winners!

Koi: Nice RF you two. Fun to ref as always.

Quark: Here's how it goes...
Stu gets 1 KO and 2 TP.
ALTO gets 1 TP.
We get 1.25 SP.

Koi: Great job, both of you! We hope to see you again!
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