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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55
Sai, Male Zangoose, Level 3
No Sig

Roar, Swords Dance.
Originally Posted by Torkoal Stu
Thanks for doing this Jeri. Good luck Alto!

Right time for one of my newer additions, Captain Crow debut time!

Captain Crow: Male Honchkrow - Level Three

Thunder Wave! If it's Paralysed bomb it with a Dark Pulse. If it's not try a Confuse Ray instead.
Round One
Koi: Stu is using Cpt. Crow while ALTO is using Sai the Zangoose. LET'S DO THIS.

Koi: Sai is first to act, letting out a big Roar. Cpt. Crow seems a bit spooked by it, cringing a little, but it only serves to deter him momentarily, as Cpt. soon overcomes his fright, flying in towards the Zangoose. Just as he starts up his Thunder Wave, Sai begins his Swords Dance. The two moves conflict a bit, but Sai comes out of it feeling stronger, but a bit stiff. Seeing that his foe has been paralyzed, he shoots off a Dark Pulse, knocking Sai off his feet and getting rid of most of the paralysis.

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: Cpt. Crow is looking pretty happy about that round, though he did use a good bit of energy in the process. Still fresh.

Pupurin: Sai took a nice hit and feels pretty pumped. He used a bit of energy, but not much.

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