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Relicanth Relicanth sez: "I believe in a thing called love! ...wait, wrong Darkness."

Yeah, Razor Wind fits her but Psycho Cut is more useful. Chose the latter.

Aeryn: Level 6 Female Weavile
Bio: Aeryn is the result of a forbidden romance. Her mother was part of a fierce clan of Weavile living in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, who savagely defended their territory against all interlopers, be they human or Pokémon. Only one other creature shared their turf, which was the local Absol, who had made his den in a nearby mountain. The Weavile didn't like the other Dark-type, but they tolerated him due to the fact that he was much stronger than they, even in numbers. Conflicts between the solitary Pokémon and the clan were frequent, but rarely ended violently. It was during one of these clashes, a squabble over a Flaafy carcass, that Aeryn's mother found herself attracted to the lone Disaster Pokémon.
Soon enough, the female Weavile found herself leaving her clan as they all slept, skulking off to meet with the Absol, who reciprocated her feelings. This torrid love affair continued for some time, inevitably culminating in a small clutch of crossbreed eggs. However, it was about this time that the rest of the clan discovered her activities. Enraged, they drove her from the highlands, away from her home, destroying all but one of her precious eggs in the process. The female expected her lover to come to her rescue, but the Absol never did, watching from afar. Away from her icy habitat and mortally wounded in her eviction, the female began to grow weaker. Her remaining egg eventually hatched, a young female Sneasel emerging, and her mother could sense that there was something different. Though looking more like her, she did not possess the cold nature of her species, taking more after her father in that respect. Aeryn was only a few weeks old when her mother passed on, having told her of her heritage and trained her as best she could.
The young Sneasel set about getting stronger, striving to get more and more powerful. Many passing trainers and other Pokémon were confused when their Fire and Steel attacks didn't do as much damage as they were expecting, allowing Aeryn to outmanoeuvre and strike using her great agility. Feeling comfortable with her new strength, the Sneasel returned to her mother's former clan to exact vengeance. Along the way, she found a Razor Claw, common in the area populated by Weavile, and when she arrived the clan responded to an intruder in their typical way - all out attack. Being smaller, Aeryn was able to duck and weave amongst the Weavile attacks, responding with some strong Metal Claws and Brick Breaks to devastating effect. The Weavile responded in kind, but their extra typing gave them too many weaknesses to exploit. After an intense struggle, Aeryn was triumphant, the limp bodies of her mother's former clan slumped about the arena. Combined with the Razor Claw wedged behind her ear, this triggered her evolution, becoming one of the Pokémon that she had just defeated. Her task completed, she turned to go, but caught sight of a white shape atop a nearby hillock. The Absol nodded, recognising his daughter, before turning back into his wilderness home. Now with total closure, Aeryn made her way back southward. Eventually we crossed paths, and with me needing some more Dark-types for my new Gym, I added her after a quick battle. Since then, she hangs around with Barghest, her Absolian heritage becoming obvious in battle, since she knows some moves that she probably shouldn't.

Special Training - Defrosting Ice Queen (DK):
Having shed her Ice-typing, Aeryn is now a pure Dark-type, with all the weaknesses and resistances associated with it. Her Ice energy is reduced to the level of the average Dark-type. With her adaptations to a warmer climate, she loses Blizzard and Frost Breath, but gains Psycho Cut.
Jeri: Approved.

Resubbing without the unrepressable bit. inb4 swarm of Gastro Acid users.

Ivezho: Level 7 Male Tyranitar
Bio: All of humanity has an innate fear of the dark. Some learn to overcome it, but there's always the nagging thought that you should hide. And that you shouldn't go into that large, dark cave under any circumstances. Ivezho is that fear made flesh, the bloodthirsty Tyranitar that you expect to run into in said caves, hiding around any corner before ending your life in a shower of rock and teeth. Much older than others of his kind, Ivezho is almost kin to Thrak, Kush's Hydreigon, being filled with similar dark magicks and intimidating spells. Having emerged from his millennia of dwelling in the deep caverns of the world, Ivezho is ready to lead the new Dark Gym squad, putting his natural abilities to great work in defending it, showing that all things should remain afraid of the dark.
Special Training - Primal Fear:
Thanks to the raw spirit of the earth and the unknown imbued into his body, Ivezho constantly exudes an aura of fear and intimidation at all times. This breaks the Fighting spirit of any would-be attackers, causing all Fighting energy that approaches him to dissipate into typeless energy. This means that all of Ivezho's own Fighting attacks are considered typeless, and he's unable to use Focus Blast or Focus Punch at all. He also loses Hyper Beam, Thunder, Blizzard and Fire Blast.
Jeri: Unless you really fear Seismitoad, I think you'll be okay.

Clarifying about storage

King K. Rookodile: Level 6 Male Krookodile
Bio: Merciless leader of the Kremling Krew, King K. Rookodile's chief pastimes include stealing bananas, tormenting primates, and sending innocent underlings to certain defeat. After one beating by a certain gorilla too many, the mighty reptile decided enough was enough, fleeing into the world of Pokémon. Hounded by his failures, he kept moving until he happened upon the training site, almost crashing into Enigma while underground. Forced to the surface, the Ground-type went on the defensive, lashing out at various members of the squad until he was contained. Seeing that he would be useful for my new Gym, I talked him into settling down, and provided him with a new home and a place to train. While he was indeed powerful, it was clear that his time spent fighting monkeys had left its mark, as he was able to use some of their favourite weapons in battle.
Special Attack - Waste Barrel (GD/PO):
King K. Rookodile forms a Sludge Bomb, only to encase it in a shell of Ground energy that solidifies upon exposure to the air, shaped like a Barrel. These Barrels can then either be thrown straight at the opponent, or can be left on the arena for later use - for the latter, creating the barrel is not considered a move, but the throw later is. On contact, they explode with quite a bit of force, dealing both good Ground and good Poison damage and having a good chance to stun the opponent through concussive impact, along with a 10% chance of inflicting poison. The waste inside can also temporarily blind the opponent like Mud Bomb, should it hit the eyes. Waste Barrel costs massive energy to use, and can be used three times per battle.
Jeri: Approved.

Toning down/rewording. Feel free to remove the PC part.

Zettai: Level 6 Male Shiny Bisharp
Bio: A lone warrior, I had heard tales from various hikers of the rare, blue Bisharp who trained in solitude in the nearby mountain range. With my ownership of the Dark Gym upcoming, I decided to seek out this almost-legendary figure in the hopes of adding him to my squad, and went into the mountains along with Jack, figuring that another Pokémon with bladed body parts who also held a convenient type-advantage over our quarry would be useful. After a few day's hike, we came across signs of the Bisharp's activity, gouges in boulders and the rock faces that only metalwork could do. After another day, we found him.
Not wishing to be disturbed, Zettai fled instantly, but he hadn't counted on Jack's Teleportation skills, and was soon forced to confront us. Both swordsmen lunged, blades impacting each other, but I could see a grimace of pain on Jack's features - where Zettai's blades were metallic in nature, his were merely an extension of his soft flesh. Wounds soon nicked at the Gallade's armblades, forcing him back to ranged attacks. After a fierce battle, a Focus Blast found its mark, flooring the Dark-type and allowing him to be captured. Once back at base, Jack needed some patching up, while analysing my new Pokémon's physiology yielded some unexpected results.

Special Training - Sharp as a Tack:
Zettai's blades are so sharp, that attacks using them are considered to have the same properties as Crush Claw, having a good chance to hurt targeted areas more than normal and leave them raw and weak. Extensive punishment may result in minor Pokémon Centre stays in slapstick. All such attacks cost 1.1x the normal amount of energy.

Jeri: Much better!

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