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Starting with the original games, it's always been the case that (certain) gym badges confer degrees of obedience. Didn't you ever notice? The gym leader tells you after your victory, "Now all Pokémon Level 25 and below will obey you", or some such? That's saying that so long as your Pokémon doesn't pull an Elsa and cross the seal level up past the barrier that they'll obey you. #indianajones

From the moment I traded Inari over, her level has never been above the limit for obedience. She's Lv.55 right now but fully obedient and, I have to think, I probably enjoy all Lv.75s-and-lower obeying me right now. (Saved in someone's foyer. About to see someone's new hairstyle. If you analogize trials to gym battles, I'm already through six gyms and thus should have obedience of all Lv.75s-and-lower.) And this is with Exp.Share turned on. Turn if off and I'd be even safer.

If you traded in RBY prior to getting the Cascade Badge, that's your problem. You needed to beat Misty first, otherwise note even a Lv.5 would obey you if it came from a trade.
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