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Atalanta flew into the courtyard at a staggering speed. The Decidueye had been watching from her outpost as Hyrem entered the valley. Watching from the shadows she witnessed the evolution of the Shadow Tepig into a Shadow Pignite, which showed no remorse as it attacked its own teammates. It then rushed down the path straight towards the base, Atalanta knew she had to beat it there.

Sigurd relayed the information to Jayson, the Gallade's telepathic abilities were handy, especially in situations like this. Jayson had been expecting Hyrem today, but he hadn't expected this. He'd been training with Moros when Atalanta flew in, just basic drills, nothing to serious. He sensed that the Shadow Metang had somehow tapped into his conversation with Sigurd, as before he knew it the Shadow Pokemon had shot off in the direction of the incoming Pignite.

"Shit", Jayson cursed, two Shadow Pokemon clashing certainly couldn't end well, could it? Balerion had been on standby in case Moros got out of hand and rushed to Jayson's side when he realised that had to go after Moros. Jayson mounted the large shiny Charizard and Balerion took off after the Shadow Metang. They were slowly closing in on Moros, but in the distance Jayson could see a cloud of dust incoming, likely kicked up by Hyrem's Shadow Pignite. It seemed like a clash of Shadow Pokemon might not be avoidable.

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