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A feeling of unease had been hanging in the air ever since Jayson had returned from Bedlam Ridge. They'd all recovered, well for the most part, Blinky's mutation had become permanent but the Chinchou seemed to enjoy his new look, using it to spook unsuspecting Pokemon. The uneasiness was due to Jayson's latest capture, one that he wasn't quite sure how to handle. Moros, the Shadow Metang that he had found locked within the strange puzzle in the quarry. The Shadow Pokemon was cold and calculating, Jayson was doing his best to develop a bond with it, however he was only having limited success. The Metang possessed incredible power, every training exercise Jayson put it through, it excelled at. While the Metang was fine when it came to training exercises, as soon as it came to battling another Pokemon, things went to shit.

Along with refusing the majority of his orders, Moros lack any self control or preservation. The Metang had proven strong enough to handle just about all of his Pokemon. Only Atalanta and Sigurd had managed to overcome the Metang, the Gallade handling the fight better when not under the influence of radiation poisoning or Shadow Sky. However the Shadow Metang was growing stronger with every battle, Jayson feared that before too long the Metang would be too strong for them to handle. It was for this reason he had called in some assistance. He'd met another trainer awhile back who had dealt with Shadow Pokemon before, he hoped that he may be able to assist with his situation.
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