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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Also the solution isn't to make more rewards. Make refs more confident in their work. There are a lot of IRL issues that simply cannot be resolved in any way, but we really should make sure refs feel confident in what they are doing.
Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
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A big problem, in my opinion, is that the league's old policy of siding with the ref whenever possible has been thrown to the wayside in many cases. Having your battlers ask about rounds is good for your growth as a referee and shouldn't be frowned upon as much as it is- in fact, it should be encouraged. The reason it isn't, I think, is because people frankly tend to be assholes about inquiring about rounds. They'll say "The round should have gone X way because of reason Y" like they're Jeri making the executive decision that the round needs to be changed instead of being polite and reasonable about it. Alternatively, some people, if they don't like their ref's response, will either go to the Ref Q/A and pick and choose what answers they like from it to support their arguments or even go to S/I and twist the circumstances around to fit the answer they want. And when this happens to a ref enough times, they'll lose motivation to ref the match in question or even matches in general simply because they're sick and tired of their every reffing being poked and prodded by their battlers as if ASB is a science and Ref's discretion doesn't exist. I know that I for one have reffed matches where more than half of the rounds were questioned, often in rude and discretion-ignoring ways, and it completely killed my motivation. I imagine this would be even worse for newbie referees who have no confidence in their abilities yet.

Therefore, a proposal I'd like to make outside of the ones that I'm putting in my questionnaire is that we:

A: Make (and enforce) a rule that to be answered, all Q/A questions (and S/I ones pertaining to battles) have a link to the battle in the post, so that those answering can get all the context they might need to construct informed answers. This has the bonus effect of insuring that nobody slips questions about their ref test into the Q/A.

B: Get back into the state of mind where we side with the referee whenever it's feasible and they aren't truly out of line. Giving an uncertain referee the reassurance that they aren't causing more problems than they're solving by reffing would be huge in keeping them from losing motivation and closing up shop, I'd think.

C: Take action when people don't respect their referee's discretion. I'm not saying punish people whenever they step out of line, but if someone is consistently making it a pain to ref one of their matches by completely disregarding their referee's discretion, they deserve a stern talking-to at the very least.
My viewpoints are expressed through these posts. Also Snorby's latest post is what I agree with too.
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