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Round 7: Quagsire v Galvantula

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Let's continue the match, shall we?

Quagsire stomps his foot at the soft grass, now grinning at the sight of Galvantula grounded once more. Suddenly, he winces in pain, before an image of himself is projected right in front of him, doing exactly what he's doing. Galvantula does not take notice of the Substitute that occurred, for he is now busy focusing on holding his opponent steady. A quick glare at the Quagsire causes the Substitute to freeze up. By the looks of it, Quagsire has also freezed up entirely, all thanks to Galvantula's Disable. However, Galvantula makes a faint whimper as she struggles to keep the move in effect, but is abruptly interrupted by a soundwave. The Round managed to escape Quagsire's mouth due to the little reliance on movement. Galvantula's spell is broken, and the Quagsire is free to move once more. Angered by this, Galvantula spews out a Spider Web, aimed at Quagsire's Substitute. The Substitute is covered entirely, but it seems that the real Quagsire is far from worried.

Galvantula managed to spend a lot of energy this round, and is now panting. She may need a break soon. Quagsire used little energy this round, and is leading the health race by a safe amount once more.
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