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Round 6: Quagsire v Galvantula

As Galvantula rights her flight, she catches a glimpse of her opponent. Panting, shoulders moving up and down, breath heavy and strained. However, although the Quagsire is evidently using up a lot of his energy reserves, he still manages to straighten his back and continue to apply pressure. He sucks in air, chest inflating as Water energy gathers toward his maw. Galvantula frantically moves in the air as this occurs, creating a mirage of two other Galvantulas next to her, both hovering from Magnet Rise. Quagsire wonders which one to strike at, and he chooses the one in the middle. However, his heart sinks when the Water Pulse passes right through, with two Galvantulas in front of him still standing and unscathed. Snickering, Galvantula fires a Bug Buzz toward Quagsire once more, with her mirage doing the exact same thing, making it appear as though Quagsire had been ganged up on. He shakes his head and rubs the skin that was irritated by Bug Buzz, smiling slightly as he notices that the Galvantulas are now back on dry land.

Quagsire received a nice break there, but Galvantula managed to close the health gap. Quagsire now only barely leads the health race. Galvantula is still good for two, while Quagsire is fresh.
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