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Round 5: Quagsire v Galvantula

Galvantula wobbles in the air, similar to how a person wobbles before falling on their ass while ice skating. However, Galvantula manages to stay hovering, though her magnetic flight is slowly depleting in energy. Quagsire, blankly looking up, opens his mouth wide. An energy pulse forms inside his mouth, before spiraling outward in a diagonal path. As if an anti air missile, Galvantula is struck right at the belly, as she is thrown up before arcing down. Luckily, her flight remains, and she slows to a stop midair at about 4 feet. Shrieking angrily, she repeats her favored attack earlier, releasing Bug energy in the form of a concentrated soundwave. Quagsire grunts, the painful Bug Buzz causing evident discomfort. However, realizing that the opponent was not confused, he tries yet again, aiming a Water Pulse at the Galvantula. The water energy explodes on the spider's face, throwing her back. The look on her face proves that she has not been confused. Lucky lucky. The round ends with both Pokemon about 8 feet away from each other, with Galvantula hovering at about 4 feet.

Galvantula received a nice break, and is good for two. Quagsire did not really do anything taxing this round, so he should be good for two as well, though it is clear that he needs a break soon. Galvantula has dipped to the final third of health, and Quagsire has dipped below midpoint. Also, just a warning, Quagsire has dipped below the final third in terms of energy.
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