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Chesnaught Fitz Sardone's Quest Log

Name: Fitzgerald "Fitz" Sardone

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Class: Trainer (Normal major, no minor, no weaknesses)

Appearance: Fitz is a bit average for someone his age, standing at 4'5" and is slightly thin-statured. He wears a tattered gray paperboy cap that covers most of his messy black hair which is short enough that it barely touches his ears and cover his forehead but not his brown eyes. His clothes are two sizes too big for him, as most of it came from his uncle. He wears a white shirt with a large old brown traveling coat that's used to completely cover up to his hands before being trimmed a bit so that it would be more convenient for his hands. He wears a baggy brown shorts that reaches just halfway between his knees and feet. He wears a pair of new hiking boots which was given to him by his uncle before the boy left.

Personality: Fitz is generally a very timid boy who mostly keeps to himself, talking only when he needs to talk while subconsciously avoiding having to talk to people as much as possible. He is by no means unfriendly, but it can take a while for him to completely open up to a person. Fitz is however, very hardworking in whatever he does and can be a bit of a determinator when the situation arises, refusing to give up as long as there is even a slight possibility of success. Fitz is also very caring towards his Pokemon and often confides to them when he needs to let out his thoughts.

Background: Fitz was barely aware of everything when the disaster had happened, as he was still two years old at that time. The young boy barely knew his parents, as they had both died in the Disaster ten years ago and thus was orphaned at a very young age. Fitz was then quickly taken in by Daniel, one of his uncles, and since then has been raised by him in Viridian City. Being unable to go to school, much of Fitz's knowlegde about the world came from his uncle who acts like a parental substitute to him. Like many of the survivors, the two of them didn't exactly have an easy life and did quite a bit of struggling just to survive yet both of them remained content with what they do have. At the age of twelve, Fitz's uncle had decided that the boy should see the world with his own eyes, to know more about the after effects of the disaster first-hand, and to teach him independence, and thus had decided to set him out on an adventure.


Nickname: Poi
Species: Spoink
Type: Psychic
Gender: Male
Level: 019
Mood: 158
Nature: Calm
Ability: Own Tempo
Level-up Moves: Splash, Psywave, Odor Sleuth, Psybeam, Psych Up, Confuse Ray, Magic Coat (021), ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
TM: Charge Beam, Headbutt, Hidden Power (Water), Protect, Sunny Day
Other Moves: Extrasensory, Zen Headbutt, Whirlwind, Return, Mirror Coat, Lucky Chant
Bio: Poi was first found as an abandoned Pokemon Egg by Fitz and Daniel, the former's uncle and father-figure. Unsure of what to do with it, the older man had first had given him to the Pokemon Center in Viridian Village to have them take care of it until Poi had shown to have an ability to be able to talk telepathically, a rarity even among Psychic-type Pokemon, with the unfortunate drawback of giving the other people he talks to with headaches. Due to this uncanny ability, Daniel had decided to keep and raise the Spoink with them, to give Fitz some company other than himself as he felt that Fitz being with Pokemon will help him grow. The Spoink had since then lived with Fitz and Daniel, being treated as part of the family. One day Daniel had decided to let Fitz out to explore the region and see it with his own eyes. On his advice to Poi, the bouncing pig had joined Fitz on his adventure around the Kanjohto region, serving as his loyal confidant throughout their travels with his vow that he will keep him safe.

Nickname: Del
Species: Beedrill
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male
Level: 013
Mood: 097
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Swarm
Level-up Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Bug Bite, Harden, Twineedle, Fury Attack, Rage (014), ???, Focus Energy, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
TMs: Hidden Power (Rock), Protect, Sunny Day
Other Moves: Return, Tailwind, ???, ???
Bio: Fitz first encountered Del as a Weedle while in an attempt to retrieve Madam Vi's bag containing a medicinal fruit. After defeating him in a one-sided battle, the strange Weedle practically begged Fitz and Poi to allow him to join him, upon recognizing their strength. Out of fear that the Weedle may have contracted an illness due to his odd behavior, Fitz captured him to get him treated only to find out that the Weedle is really just that quirky and that the Weedle actively went out to search for both him and Poi after they had defeated a Beedrill from earlier, apparently Weedle's superior. Since then, the eccentric but loyal Weedle has treated Fitz and Poi as if they are his superiors and now happily travels alongside them and under their care has now evolved into a very fearsome Beedrill.

Nickname: Pahn
Species: Panpour
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Level: 016
Mood: 153
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Gluttony
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Play Nice, Leer, Lick, Water Gun, Fury Swipes, Water Sport, Bite (019), ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
TMs: Hidden Power (Ground), Protect, Rock Tomb
Other Moves: Hydro Pump, Disarming Voice, Dig, Return, Aqua Ring, Role Play
Bio: Fitz first encountered the Panpour in the Tohjo Falls as the monkey was caught in a trap by poachers that injured his legs. Initally distustful of the boy, it took some convincing by him and Sophia to assist him until eventually he was set free. For the sake of the Panpour's safety, Fitz offered him to accompany them in rescuing Sophia's sister. After an encounter with a poacher, Pahn grew angry at the man and ran off to pursuit him, only to be caught by them and thus needed assistance from Fitz once more. After having been rescued twice by Fitz, Pahn was deeply moved by the boy's selfless actions and willingly joined him on his travels, knowing that he is in good hands with the boy.

Nickname: Zan
Species: Zangoose
Type: Normal
Gender: Male
Level: 012
Mood: 084
Nature: Docile
Ability: Immunity
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Hone Claws (015), ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
TMs: Headbutt, Hidden Power (Fairy), Protect, Rock Tomb, Sunny Day
Other Moves: Double Kick, Return, Disable, ???, ???
Bio: Fitz first encountered Zan with a horde of Zangoose, all of which were poisoned at the time. Noticing the irregularity of their condition, as Zangoose were normally immune to poison to begin with, he aided the horde in curing of their poison with the help of his travelling companion at that time, Sophia, and Pewter City's Gym Leader, Jade. Later, Fitz and his group had discovered the origin and nature of the virus: a highly infectious strain of Pokerus made by an unknown group of red scarves and the fact that the Zangoose were experimented on to alter their abilites to their hidden potential: Toxic Boost. Fitz and Sophia had encountered Zan and his friends once again, as they were searching for a Rock-type that Sophia can capture as a step to become Jade's Gym Trainer and be trained under her. Having accidentally disturbed a Dwebble's nest, Zan and his friends had rushed in to rescue both Fitz and Sophia. After proving themselves victor against the Dwebble, Zan had offered himself to accompany the young boy, which Fitz obliged with open arms. It is of note that as the effects of the poison had been cured, Zan had reverted back to his original trait of poison immunity, almost as if he was never experimented on. While Zangoose are usually known for their aggressive behavior, Zan himself is a milder variant of the species, showing an unusual trait of submission to Fitz and a willingness to obey his every command, most likely his way of paying back to the boy for saving his life from being poisoned.

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