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So I was just going to not say anything on either of these apps but since they both have the same flaw and the same strengths I may as well point it out.

So JAU, TKF, these are very well written and the paths that can be taken are well thought out and immersive to the world. The problem I have with both of these, though, is that the rewards seem horribly out of balance from any given end to the adventures. At the end of the day WF is a lot of choices made by the adventurer, and it's certainly not common that they'll stick to whatever plan you may have actually had for them, and as such need rewarded with roughly similar levels of reward for the same amount of work with slight changes due to outcome of any given task.

I don't find this problem to be rejection worthy, but neither can I comfortably approve either of these, and just wanted to get that out there. So for now I'll Abstain from voting on either.
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