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Alright here goes nothing. Using savys intro post with his permission

Savy's intro post

After wandering through route 9 for the majority of the day, Oliver turns towards Cerberus with a worried look on his face. He hadn’t run into anyone or anything all day, which was strange since he had always heard that this route was well travelled. With the sun starting to set, casting a dull orange glow over the surrounding landscape, Oliver feels like it might be time to start thinking about setting up a campsite. But as he rounds the next bend in the trail; something slams into him, knocking him onto his back. Cerberus jumps back, clearly startled.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

Climbing back to his feet, Oliver is dazzled as he stares into the bright blue eyes of the young lady who had managed to put him on his back. She stood but a few inches shorter than him, her stunning copper hair catching the light of the setting sun. Beads of sweat ran down her brow, she had obviously been running, but why? As Oliver stands there, still slightly thrown off by the sudden impact, the girl begins to speak once more.

“You are okay aren’t you? I’m so sorry, it’s just I got scared and I wasn’t sure what to do. There is a cave up a head that I had planned to stay in for the night. But something wasn’t right, there was something in there! Is this your Pokémon? It looks brave, could you help me? I mean could you help us?”

Oliver suddenly notices something crawl up her back and rest on her shoulder, its small stature allowing it to easily hide on its trainer’s body. After a few seconds you realise the tiny Pokémon is a Joltik, an electric and bug type Pokémon!

“My name is Felicity and this is Mini, she isn’t much of a fighter but she is my best friend, I’m sure with your help we will be able to get through the night!”

Oliver notices and sympathises with the fear he can see in her eyes as she pleads for help. The question now is should he help her or leave her to fend for herself?

Spoiler: show

Primary Quest: Bump in the Night!
Oliver needs to find somewhere to camp for the night and Felicity has just informed you that there is a cave up ahead, but there is something in there. Oliver can obviously choose to go by himself or with felicity and could also chose to sleep outside rather than deal with the cave.

Side Quests:
Beauty and the Beast– Find out what is in the cave!
By the Light of the Moon- Do you feel like dancing?


1A) Mission Accepted: Help the Beautiful Lady!

Oliver chooses to protect Felicity and she and her Joltik, who is at level 5, join his party. The two must decide whether their best interest is to find out what is in the cave so they can sleep there, or not to bother with it and sleep outside instead.

1B) Mission Rejected - Primary Quest Not Taken.

If Oliver refuses to help Felicity she will run off crying back towards the city. Oliver will encounter a different primary quest, with side quests being recycled if possible.

2A) Beauty and the Beast
The two find the cave and investigate, they find a Cubone who is crying and waling, he seems to be injured and does not have his bone. A noise is heard coming from deeper in the cave.

2A1) Beauty and the Beast

If Oliver can create a bond with the Cubone, either by helping him with his injuries or some other display of affection, Cubone will stop crying and cooperate.

2A2) Beauty and the Beast, Rejected/Failed

If Oliver fails to establish a bond with the Cubone or chooses to ignore it, he and Felicity will leave the cave and camp outside instead. (proceed to 2B)

3A) Bullies!
Cubone will lead Oliver and Felicity deeper into the cave where you will find a pair of Mankey fighting over the Cubone’s bone! As they notice the group, the two Mankey will stop fighting and make and act aggressively towards them, although they will not attack immediately.

3B1) Negotiation
If Oliver can find a way to calm the Mankey down and distract their attention from the bone, he may be able to recover the Cubone’s bone without conflict. Although this will not be easy, once the bone is recover the Mankey will leave the camp and Cubone will off Oliver a capture battle.
Cubone is a Quiet nature Level 5 Male with EM Ancient Power.

3B2) All in brawl

If Oliver immediately confronts the Mankeys or fails to distract them a fight will start; both Mankeys are level 6 both with the Egg Move Beat Up. Felicity and her Joltik will aid Oliver and so will Cubone; Cubone will reveal his Egg Move is Double Kick. If the two Mankey are defeated they will flee the cave, leaving Cubone’s bone behind. Cubone will recover its bone and offer to join Oliver’s team.
Cubone is a Lonely nature Level 5 Male with EM Double Kick

3B3) Failure
If the Mankey’s win the fight, they will toss the bone at Cubone before running out of the cave laughing. Cubone will run away in tears and will not be seen again.

3C) A night well spent
The two will sleep wherever they have chosen to. In the morning the two will finish the trip to the Pokémon Centre and will part ways from there. Felicity is thankful for the help and will offer Oliver $600, 2 Pecha Berries and a Star Shard, as well as offering her pokegear number so they can keep in contact.

2B) By the Light of the Moon
If Oliver and Felicity choose to camp outside, the two will find a nearby clearing and set up camp. As the sun sets and the stars come out, the two sit in their sleeping bags and stare at the full moon. All of a sudden they here a rustling the grass and on further inspection find a group Oddish dancing in the moonlight. When they spot you they stop dancing and Felicity insists that the two of you should dance with them!

2B1) By the Light of the Moon Success
If Oliver choses to dance with Felicity and does so with some amount of effort, the Oddish will soon start to dance again. They will eventually stop once more and one of them is so impressed by the display that it will challenge Oliver to a capture battle. Regardless of whether Oddish is caught or not, the two will sleep peacefully outside. (proceed to 3C)
Oddish is a Sassy Nature Level 5 Female with EM Nature Power

2B2) By the Light of the Moon Failed

If Oliver’s enthusiasm fails to impress the Oddish, they will run away and Oliver and Felicity will go to sleep. (proceed to 3C)

2B3) By the Light of the Moon Rejected
If Oliver refuses to dance the group of Oddish will attack the pair with a poison powder. Felicity will run to the cave and Oliver will either have to follow her or go off on his own.
If Oliver choses to follow Felicity (proceed to 2A) Although if they have already been to the cave, Cubone will be absent.
If Oliver does not follow Felicity (proceed to 3B)

3B) A Long Night

Oliver will spend the night by himself and travel to the Pokémon centre by himself the following morning. He happens upon a berry tree on his way there and finds two Oran berries.

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