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A really well planned out area, the various branches were excellently plotted out and all in all you have a good eventuality plan for every situation! As Savage said, having him hide was perhaps a bit much, although it didn't make much impact on the story as a whole, as even without that you could have just had the logger not notice him. Possibly my favorite part was how the encountered Pokemon's nature/hidden skill varies depending on the path taken- It's a small but excellent touch which can make the pokemon feel more reminiscent of the encounter! Just, all in all, from a technical standpoint, it's amazing.
It's also excellent from a literary perspective! The writing is descriptive and easily flows, and the paragraphs are well divided up for easy readability. It's just a pleasure to read.
Overall I really liked it. I look forwards to seeing more of your work!

Approved 2/3.
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