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((Going to be using Charzonos' intro post.))

Entering the thick of the forest as the sun just begins to rise overhead, you're excited to begin your adventures, the encouragement and goodbyes from your parents to do so still fresh in your mind. Amy plods alongside you as you take in the sounds - while quiet, you can hear the faint cries of pokemon still despite their tendency to keep their distance - and sights of the dense forest that surrounds you. You wander somewhat aimlessly, only looking to get through to the other side of the forest - but as time goes on, you find yourself wondering where exactly you've ended up.

While the memory of playing in the forest a few times as a child lingers in your head, it has been a long time since then; the woods have grown much more thick and wild, and despite your efforts to stick roughly on the beaten path you find yourself unfortunately stranded in an unfamiliar part of the woods. You take a moment to try and figure out your bearings and deduce a rough idea of your location in the woods when you hear a cracking sound, almost like twigs breaking under someone's foot, way off in the distance.

Habitually hiding behind a tree, you have a hard time making out the figure passing by in the distance; he seems very large, though, with something glinting on his leg, and he's carrying a big sack of... something lumpy (as best you can tell) over his shoulder. With your musically-inclined nature, your ears perk up and you can hear him faintly humming some kind of working song as he stops and regards a tree with a small rock at the base of it's trunk. Seemingly interested, he looks around the area for a moment before he sets down his bag and grabs the thing on his leg - which you deduce is an axe, as he swings it into the tree in front of him. This man must be one of the many loggers that find work cutting down the trees here in the forest and selling lumber - perfectly legal, as you recall.

Content to let him be and not bother him while he's working, you start to move away - but as you do so, you hear an angry Pokemon's cry - curiously turning back to look, you find the logger is suddenly faced with an irritated Dwebble - that must have been what that rock at the tree's base was! Not sure why it's suddenly upset with him, he fumbles with a pokeball on his belt, sending out a Shroomish, which stands firm between the two, ready to defend his trainer. He looks like he might be at a disadvantage against the bug pokemon, though... The logger looks a kind, jolly sort, and it's possible that he'd reward you if you helped him, but at the same time you could probably make it through the forest a bit faster if you kept on your way.

As he calls out orders, Amy tugs at the leg of your pants; she seems nervous as ever about going into a battle with a scary pokemon she doesn't know, but she looks like she wants to help. Is this the start of your ballad?

Spoiler: show
Primary Quest: Find the Forest Troublemaker!
If the logger is helped, you will battle a Level 5 Male Dwebble; however, you'll have the help of his Level 5 Male Shroomish. If the Dwebble is successfully defeated, it'll run away into the forest and the logger will introduce himself. He's Simon, a hearty, jolly fellow with a booming laugh and a love of music. Noting Figaro's guitar, he asks the musician for a favour; something in the forest has been stirring up the bug pokemon against the loggers, and he wants to put a stop to it. He asks if Figaro will accompany him on the hunt for the problem-causer in exchange for a reward.

Side Quests:
A Sullen Sewaddle - Help Sewaddle fix it's clothes!
Forest Fiddler - Have a battle of the bands - and the Pokemon!

1A) Mission Accepted: Simon's Quest Taken!
If Figaro accepts this request, Simon and his Shroomish, Gus, will join the party and the trio will set off on the culprit's tail from a rough direction at which something assaulted the Dwebble. They'll come across another logger as well as some pokemon; a Pansage throws a rock at a Combee in order to get it to chase him. They pursue the Pansage.

2A) A Sullen Sewaddle Sidequest
A Sewaddle sits sadly on a stump - it looked like someone pulled out one of the leaves that make up it's hood. It looks wistfully up at a leafy branch, high up on a tree that's coated in a slippery sap. Noticing Figaro and Simon, she's cautious, but desperate for help; Simon encourages Figaro to hurry after Pansage, but leaves the call to him.

2B1) Sullen Sewaddle Success!
If a suitable peace offering is made, she will trust them enough to ask for help getting at the branch more clearly. If the branch is pulled down from the tree - be it with Oshawott's Air Slash or a handy rope lasso - even without the gesture of friendship, Sewaddle will remake it's hood and then, grateful, join Figaro's hunt for the trouble-making Pansage - she knows where he lives.

3A) Confrontation
Sewaddle will lead Figaro and Simon to a clearing where Pansage has dug a little cubbyhole out under a stump - it notices them immediately, and looks very resentful of Simon - it seems loggers cut down his tree home. Things don't immediately escalate to a fight, though...

3B1) Pacification
If Figaro can calm Pansage down and convince Simon to get the loggers to be more careful about which trees they cut, Pansage will agree to stop bugging the loggers. He'll also apologise to Sewaddle, which she accepts. Glad no other pokemon will have the same problem he did, Pansage will peacefully return to the forest; and impressed by his peaceful solution, Sewaddle will offer to join Figaro's party.

Sewaddle is a Gentle Level 5 Female with EM Screech.

3B2) Punishment
If Figaro chooses to attack Pansage, or if negotiations break down, a fight will start; Pansage is Level 14, with the Egg Move Disarming Voice. However, Figaro will have the aid of Simon's Shroomish and the Sewaddle; she will reveal her Egg Move Silver Wind. If the fight is won, Pansage will agree to stop it's shenanigans and flee into the forest, looking for a new home. Impressed by his strength, Sewaddle will offer a Capture Battle to Figaro - Simon will stay out of it.

Sewaddle is a Serious Level 5 Female with EM Silver Wind.

3C) Success
Simon, happy either way about the conflict resolution, will offer Figaro a reward of $1000, 2 Sitrus Berries, and a Star Shard. He'll point Figaro towards the right way out of the forest, and then set off on his way back to Viridian Village.

3B3) Failure
If Pansage wins the fight, it will cheekily taunt Figaro's party then run away to cause more mischief, hiding itself more carefully. Sewaddle will sadly depart. Simon, annoyed that Pansage got away, will still offer $200 as thanks for the attempt to help before setting off back to the Village to discuss the matter with his co-workers.

2B2) A Sullen Sewaddle Rejected/Failed
If Figaro does not help, or cannot figure out how to help, Sewaddle will sadly depart in search of other leaves.

2C) Forest Fiddler Sidequest
Figaro and Simon, after wandering for a while longer, will hear - bizarrely - orchestral-sounding music; investigation reveals a small band of a Kriketune and 3 Kricketot having a woodland performance. Spotting the humans, they'll stop nervously - but seeing Figaro's guitar, the older Kriketune kindly challenges him to a musical contest.

2C1) Forest Fiddler Success
If Figaro plays music (with a satisfactory description/plan) he will find himself backed by Amy on percussion and Simon's surprisingly well-honed baritone voice - they will play well, and the Bug Band will be impressed. One of the impressionable Kricketots will even challenge Figaro to a Capture Battle. Regardless of if the capture was successful, the Bug Band will direct Figaro's party to Pansear's hideout. Proceed to 3A, but without Sewaddle's presence.

Kricketot is a Bold Level 5 Male with MT Moves Uproar and Bug Bite. (This is due to lack of Egg Moves at all and Offensive Moves at the level it's caught at.)

2C2) Forest Fiddler Failed
If the description/plan does not satisfy, his comrades will remain uninspired and not join in, but he will still play well; the Bug Band will appreciate his performance, but not be overly impressed, and direct them to Pansage's hideout.

2C3) Forest Fiddler Rejected
Figaro will politely decline, and part with the Bug Band on good terms. Eventually, he and Simon will stumble across Pansage's hideout; proceed to 3A, but without Sewaddle's presence, and with Pansage having trained 2 levels stronger during their aimless wandering.

1B) Mission Rejected - Primary Quest Not Taken.
Simon will understand Figaro is probably busy, and offers $100 as thanks for helping him deal with the Dwebble. Figaro will continue and encounter a different primary quest; sidequests will be recycled as best they can.

1C) Simon left to Fend for Himself
Hoping the logger will succeed, Figaro will leave him to deal with Dwebble himself and set off, running into a different primary quest; sidequests will be recycled as best they can be.
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