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> HeroicRein / SilverChiko
Oh you used mine as a template which was based of Snorby's
Approved 1/3

Okay so. Your quest is nicely planned out, with different branches for different choices. I mean, there's hilarity in Mankey's poor decision making even with Foresight so.

There are some possible paths which Sav could also take which you haven't planned for but for the most part, but you seem to know what you're doing.

Regarding the Fearow fight, that might prove rather overkill letting it be so strong, especially given that it seems rather healthy and, as such, at full power. Even with a support Pokemon, the new partner Pokemon and Cerberus may have trouble bringing down such a high level Pokemon.

That said though, your application seems solid enough. We'll see how the other updaters respond.

Approved 1/3

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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