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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
All who come to spread holiday cheer may receive the following items:
  • 5x Christmas Rare Candies (works the same as a normal Rare Candy)
  • $1,000
  • 3x Mysterious Gummis
  • 1x Xmas Ball
  • 1x Gingerbread Ball
Everyone may also select ONE between the following options![list][*] 1x Special Christmas Treat:
  • Cranberry Vodka (Teaches CM Firestream)
  • 1x Custom Christmas Held item:
    • Aegis of Frost
  • Last but not least, one of the following one-use magical plushies!
    • Magical Vanillite Plushie (Teaches TM Frost Breath)
Claiming the above. Ty Mr. Delibird~

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