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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post

Maskerade- Tristan breaks into laughter, his hands dropping to his hips as he settles himself into a chuckle. "No cleaning the toilets is a job for someone else, although I admit that the job I'm offering you has been overlooked by the other hunters. Correct me if I'm wrong but your accent, it is Alolan right? I'm seldom wrong, which is why I think you'll be well suited to this task. The local Sirunsan settlements are currently at the mercy of an Alolan native species, I assume you are familiar with Alolan Rattata? They've been getting into the Sirunsan's food stores and the bounty of food has resulted in them breeding like crazy. The Sirusan have been culling them but they can't do it fast enough and there has been no success in locating the Rattatas' leader. Hence your task would be to capture the Rattata's leader, who we could hopefully use to lure the Rattata away." Tristan pauses for a moment to gauge your reaction. It was certainly better than cleaning toilets but dealing with Rattata? Rattata were weak trainer fodder, hardly a task for a future champion like yourself.

"Think of this as an initiation task, complete it and you'll be welcomed into our ranks and allowed to take any bounty you want." Tristan gives you a smile, it appeared more kind than sinister.
Tama frowned as he heard the mission.

"Damn right, I'm the Shining Star of Alola! But Rattata? I'm better than that." He felt Rowlet's talons dig into his shoulder, and was quick to get the message. "But fiiine, I'll do it if nobody else will. In record time too - hope you're keepin' track! Just, look, I ain't keeping any stinking rats in my team. I catch the thing for you, and you do whatever you want with it. Rats have no place in a Champion's line-up."

Tama was, of course, very particular about what kind of Pokemon he wanted to raise. Like any 10-year-old hell-bent on showing himself to the world, the boy only cared for Pokemon who were a) really strong, b) really cool, or c) both. How else was he supposed to look good on his way to the top? If he was going to aim for the peak of the mountain, he wanted to have a team as awesome as Levin Sanders, the Saffron prodigy who had also adventured in Fizzytopia several years before him.

They are no match for me - I won't even have to use Snorlax for this. He still doesn't obey me anyway, but these guys don't need to know that. The rest of my team's more than enough to handle pest control.

Theatrically, Tama aimed a finger gun at Tristan and "fired". Getting the cue, Rowlet, Elekid and Totodile leaped forward, assuming their own battle poses - they'd rehearsed that little display over and over again.

"Bang! It's as good as done!"

Then, he remembered something.

"Uh... just show me where I need to go, 'kay?"
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