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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
[b]The Arboreal Cradle

Palearchean Wildwoods
The Coniferous Taiga

Situated towards the northern end of the Cradle, the Palearchean Wildwoods depict the most evident sign that the Cradle is unique due to its geographical location and general proximity to other biomes. Perpetually frigid, the hardy conifers of the Wildwoods stand in a temperate zone that should by all means thaw the soil the trees grow in, yet the earth remains as solid as steel to all but the hardest shovels and the bitter air sinks into skin like teeth on a Sharpedo. The local Sirunsan who call this land home claim that it is the ancestral heart of all taiga, and that rock from the core of the forest helped shape Mount Zephyria over a thousand miles away. With the nature of the taiga, the pokemon within are as hardy as can be, and the chill of the frosty earth affects living things in unusual ways.

The Palearchean Wildwoods are a coniferous forest in a tundra plain, and the wildlife within have endured and thrived in the challenging conditions. Throughout your journey in the wildwoods, there are several points of interest... (please reply in mediumaquamarine)

Sub Areas
The Hunters Guild: With the Cradle now visited by more people with each passing day, the potential for changes in the delicate ecosystem is rising. The Hunters Guild was established to help reduce the impact of travellers. Working on a bounty system, trainers may find themselves capturing introduced species, chasing off poachers or even calming wild Pokemon that have been disturbed.
((Thanks for taking me in TKF! ^^))

Tama Kalua, the 10-year-old boy from Alola who'd fled to Fizzytopia to prove himself to the world, adjusted his red jacket as he approached the Hunters' Guild. He didn't handle cold all that well, having lived his whole life in a tropical region, but he was as stubborn as a Mudbray - he'd come here to prove a point and he wasn't about to turn back and quit like a little girl.

"See Rowlet, we're gonna show these Hunters how to do their job," he boasted like he always did. "We're gonna hunt the biggest, baddest demons in the the Cradle all by ourselves, and we're gonna be famous! From there it's just a small step to the League, then all I gotta do is beat Gary, Emilia and Lucas, and you're looking at the new Fizzytopia Champion!"

Rowlet simply nodded, mostly disinterested. He could only stomach the same story so many times, but he couldn't bring himself to shatter the youngsters dreams - even if the pecking order in Fizzytopia didn't work quite like that. Oh well, Tama would figure it out eventually.

What did bother the owl was that Tama's two other companions, Totodile and Elekid, shared not only the boy's excessive enthusiasm, but also his delusions of grandeur. They were farther up head, racing one another to see who'd get to the Guild's entrance first - they were best friends, after all, and equally addicted to competition.

At least Snorlax was quiet. Rowlet liked him... except when he snored, or when he mistook him for a chicken and, therefore, dinner. On most other occasions, though, Snorlax was the perfect company: he slept a lot, moved very little, and didn't give a damn about Tama's reckless orders. It was to be expected, really... he was a Snorlax, and technically, the giant didn't belong to Tama in the first place; the boy had stolen him from Ori, his own father, which explained the disobedience. Not that Rowlet cared to think what would happen when a beast of Snorlax's power started obeying a boy like Tama...

"You're not even listening, are you?" chastised the Alolan prodigy, as they finally reached the Guild. "Fine, I'll have the others do the heavy work when push comes to shove. I doubt you could beat a Caterpie from the Cradle to begin with!"

Rowlet shook his head. Tama still hadn't realized that wasn't the way to rile him up...
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