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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Palearchean Wildwoods
The Coniferous Taiga

Winter's Wrath: The deepest copse of the Wildwoods is also the most dangerous. Here, the winds howl and scream, the snow freezes into icy spears that tear into flesh and cloth, and the wild pokemon are among the most brutal and merciless in the entire Cradle. Here and there the frozen remains of foolish adventurers lay, either huddled in a frozen tomb or in fragments scattered in small rings. The Sirunsa stay well clear of this land, except for the young men who venture into this bitter waste as a rite of passage. Those who wish to truly earn the respect of the Palearchean natives may accept the rite for themselves, but be warned: once you enter the copse, you are either leaving a hero, or never leaving.
“Jesus. This is brutal.”

Hugo wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular, perhaps just to prove to himself that he was still alive. Despite being heavily bundled, the vicious winds ripped through to his bones. It probably didn’t matter how many sweaters or jackets or pairs of socks he put on. The wind was unlike any other had ever experienced and regardless of which direction he walked, he always seemed to be heading directly into it. It caused his eyes to water, and the tears began to freeze as they trickled down his face. Perhaps this time, he had finally let his ambition get the best of him. Perhaps this time, like so many others before him that he had been told about, he wasn’t going to be able to get out of this one.

He wouldn’t really call it pride necessarily. Rather, Hugo constantly felt like he had something to prove. A bit Napoleon-like. He had been bullied and underestimated as a child, and though he felt that he had grown past that, it still reared its head deep within his psyche. And sometimes that caused him to make rash decisions to try and show that he was just as tough as anyone else.

When he heard of the Sirunsan trial at Winter’s Wrath, he tried not to even think about it. There were plenty of other places to visit in the Arboreal Cradle. Why risk your life? Who are you trying to impress? This kind of talk never worked, try as he might. His own insecurities bubbled up and he overcompensated and now he had to put up or shut up.

He put on a pair of ski goggles to try and better his vision. It barely worked, but he was able to see the jagged, frozen towers of ice rising from the barren ground. They reminded him of a glass art display he had seen at a museum once. Some even had a tinge of red to them too. Hugo shuddered at that idea.

Get out of here. What are you doing to yourself? Are you insane? Who cares what anyone else thinks? You will DIE!

His internal monologue raged, but it was drowned out by another voice in his brain.

Do it, bitch.

“I’ve got this,” he said with unwarranted confidence.
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