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Not a fan. Thoughts below.

Spoiler: show
Before I start, I am aware that I am not the target audience for this game. It would appear the main audience for these games are fans of Pokemon Go who may not have played a main series title. While I like Pokemon Go, the main series has always had more appeal to me.

Moving on.. I don't even know where to start with this train wreck. 20 years ago we had a mini Pikachu with at least a screen. Then we got the Pokewalker. But this Pokeball is just a $40 Mew. They could have had a great opportunity to do something cool here. Instead it's literally a $40 Mew. Thanks Gamefreak.

Next up is the gameplay. They took the battle part of Pokebattles and now you just throw Pokeballs like in Pokemon Go. Uh.. ok? This is something more for the casual fans, and so I do not like this change. You can battle traineras but the demo showed us... You cannot enter Brocks gym without a water or grass type. The game doesn't let you. It also seems to have forced? Exp share. There arent even held items anymore. Why? At what point does the game just play itself?

One of the biggest complains of SuMo/USM, aside from lack of postgame is how easy it is. The same was true in Oras. Gym leaders had Pokemon removed from their teams and lower levels.

Gamefreak wants to cash in on the Go craze. I get that. But how much overlap is there between casual Go players who also have a Switch?
Hardcore series fans purchased consoles for major titles (Smash, Pokemon), and if you alienate a large playerbase (hardcore fans), youre not gonna get a lot of sales. And yes you are going to have parents and fans that get the console and game no matter what, but Im willing to bet it wont break any records. This looks like such an obvious cash grab, that is spread so thin it won't appeal to anybody.
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