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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
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The point is, this is just another Go change that's weird and feels out of place in a game that is meant to be our first Gen 1 re-do since FRLG fifteen years ago (for Japan).
Spoiler: show
I feel like this is really the wrong way to look at it, because if you look at LGPE through the lens of "Gen 1 re-do/remake", you're going to be extremely disappointed no matter what. That's just not what this game is or is trying to do, at least in the same vein as something like FRLG or HGSS.

This game's primary goals are to introduce Pokemon on a console/handheld to kids and others who have been introduced to Pokemon through Pokemon Go. It's to cash in one the popularity of Pokemon Go with a spinoff title that has enough similarities to core series Pokemon to potentially hook some of these people into buying Gen 8 in 2019. It's set in Kanto because just as Pokemon Go did before it, it wants to take advantage of all that sweet Gen 1 nostalgia so that people who grew up with RBY and who now have money and a switch or money and a vast enjoyment of Pokemon go will throw that money at Nintendo to buy the game and potentially the console. Any touchups to the Kanto region, such as the thing with the Slowpoke lady and other similar things said to be present throughout, are just fun extras that the people working on the game wanted to put in to flesh out the game and make it more enjoyable for those of us who have been through Kanto before and who are more in it for the Pokemon and less in it for the Pokemon Go. But ultimately, any touchups to the region are just there because it's a Nintendo game, and while its very existence might be just to cash in on a big hit and acquire a new younger audience, the people on the team luckily have enough pride to actual want to make improvements to the region we know and love. These aren't going to be the focus, but it's fortunate that they're there.

If anything, these can be compared to Colosseum and XD since they're taking the classic Pokemon formula and doing something different with it. But like I said before, if you view them as some sort of remake like we've seen before, it's just going to be sad.
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