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Gameplay footage.

Spoiler: show
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... don't like what I see here so far. Not a fan of the Razz Berry misappropriation from Go worming its way in here like this. Not a fan of the big, obvious "CP" on the upper right when capturing a Pokémon. It's clearer than ever before what this game really is: Go 2.0, and not Pokémon 7.5.

"You tucked Kakuna away in the Pokémon Box in your Bag." Umm, what? Soo ... no more Bill? I mean, I guess the in-universe digitization of Pokémon has always been a really weird thing about the franchise, but like ... if you're gonna do away with one mainstay of the franchise's lore (the PC system), you may as well go the full mile and do away with the iconic PokéBalls altogether. After all, what sense does it really make for you to capture your animal friends and transform them into trapped laserbeams when what you could be doing is just letting them happily follow you around? Anyway, never mind that right now. The point is, this is just another Go change that's weird and feels out of place in a game that is meant to be our first Gen 1 re-do since FRLG fifteen years ago (for Japan).

The Pokémon in the tall grass that you can see ... hmm, this is something they need to dial back a bit. It's looking too crowded. There should only be 0-3 creatures visible on screen at any given time, not the 10+ creatures I saw crowding the screen in that one shot of Viridian Forest. But the general idea, the idea of having Pokémon physically visible in the environment, is a nice one and one I hope they can perfect.

Not sure how much of it is the RBY retread, how much of it is my unrelated headache right now, and how much of it is the game legitimately being boring, but -- it was really boring to watch that video. I had to start skipping around after ~5 minutes, and once I started skipping I didn't stay put anywhere I landed for more than 10 seconds at a time. Hopefully it's more fun to play than it is to spectate, but ... yeesh.

There are some things to be enjoyed here. The following Pokémon are of course dear. The female protag is super adorable.

Looking likelier and likelier I'm going to sit this one out entirely. I hope I'm given ample reason not to. I sincerely hope it's a great game and a great remake of the classic that started it all.
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