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It wouldn't make any sense from a canon perspective (Red is Red because he's the one who experienced the events of Gen 1), but ngl I would adore the notion that LG!P's protagonist is Red's son while LG!E's protagonist is Green's daughter. While it would be sad to see Mom replaced with Red and Daisy replaced with Green inside the Pallet Town houses, it would also be kinda cool to see if that's how they intended to keep Red and Green around in these games despite them featuring new protagonists alongside the same story as Yellow's.

Man, now I just want these games to take place 10 years after SuMo and some 20-30 years after RGBY. Give us a new story set in the same region featuring the adorable descendants and some delightful cameos from middle-age Brock, mom Misty, adult Lillie, and adult Janine and grandpa Koga.
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