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Pikachu's locked as well, so Stoked Sparksurfer is kinda pointless to bring up. Which leaves us comparing Catastropika (a high-powered, one-time nuke with no secondary effect coming off of pikachu's base 55 Attack stat, which can't even be boosted via Light Ball because the Pikachuim-Z takes up its Item Slot, and does nothing beneficial against Ground Types and pokemon with the Lightningrod, Motor Drive, or Volt Absorb Abilities) and Extreme Evoboost (a one-time +2 to Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, thus effectively doubling all of eevee's actual stats with the sole drawbacks of using up its Item Slot and being gone for the rest of the match should it ever get KO'd, Roared at, or blown away with Whirlwind), and... that isn't exactly a fair comparison.

This is also assuming that Z-Moves are even a thing in the main game in the first place, which is highly likely to not be the case. So basically, we're looking at either getting a special item for eevee ala the Light Ball (as Talon suggested above), or the thing getting boxed whenever you're not just running around the Region showing off the fact that your little fox thing has better fashion sense than most of the local population, which is just plain sad.

The development probably lost its luster in general now that you can just grab a buddy and gang up on him I mean, that is a valid point regarding the rival. I honestly hadn't thought about him at all, which is pretty sad. Sure, it's been 13/14 years since I've played a Kanto game, but that doesn't excuse forgetting about the one character that had anything resembling actual development at the time!

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