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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
There's no need to have it that late in the game because by then you can reach Celadon City and evolve Eevee.
Not if Eevee behaves like Yellow Pikachu and rejects any attempts at forced evolution.

Which is what I read, and in the flurry of news I can't recall this second if it's 100% confirmed or if it's just fan speculation. But if it does turn out to be the case, then this is why I'm making this prediction about a Light Ball E-Ball. Because lord knows people aren't going to keep on using a Lv.42 Eevee when the rest of their team consists of a Lv.40 Charizard, Lv.40 Venusaur, and Lv.40 Blastoise who all deal 2x to 3x more damage than Eevee can.

EDIT: Ninja'd but it looks like that's two of us now who have read this.
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