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Pokemon Go - Gen 2 LIVE


Gen 2 is coming to Pokemon Go by the end of this week. Finally, every gym will have Blissey, Kingdra, and Tyranitar, no more Dragonite and Snorlax everywhere! Hooray!

In addition to 80+ new Pokemon, Pokemon Go will also be getting new berries, Nanab and Pinap, that allow you to paralyze a Pokemon to catch them easier, and double your candy received upon catching. New clothing customization will also be available. Pokemon will also now have genders.

Niantic CEO John Hanke said last week PvP battling and trading was still coming.

The update for the app is now available on both iOS and Android. Gen 2 Pokemon are expected to be activated Friday or Saturday and can be turned on by Niantic at any given moment.

edit: UPDATE: Sprint has revealed that Gen 2 will launch TOMORROW, and will celebrate by putting Lures on all of their stores across the US from 2 PM to 8 PM.
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