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Finished A Dance With Dragons today. I consider it a step up from A Feast for Crows (even though I'm one of the few who seemed to really enjoy AFFC) because even though I enjoyed seeing some parts of the seven kingdoms that were lacking in the previous books there were other parts that I really didn't care about-(AFFC spoilers)
Spoiler: show
Like whether or not a Godless man may sit the seastone chair, killing my Onion Knight sight unseen.

ADWD has some of my favorite moments in the series though, and will keep me on edge as the wait for Winds of Winter drags on. Quick thoughts!
Spoiler: show
Davos isn't dead! Hooray! And the good news keeps on coming, as Davos' last chapter has some of the greatest lines and shows that the North has not forgotten Robb Stark. In fact, the North remembers.
It also introduced me to my new favorite Northman, as Wyman Manderly takes up the place of the Great Jon Umber. Manderly's intelligence and honor is tempered by patience that would make Doran Martell proud- it's one thing to know that the man who killed your kin and lord is out there (like Gregor Clegane) and another to have to suffer the plotters under your roof, feed them and promise your granddaughter to one of them. Of course he's not able to fully restrain himself from unleashing a great line on the Freys at Winterfell "It's probably for the best. If he'd lived, he would have become a Frey."
Ser Barristan is awesome.
Damn, I'm bummed about Quentyn. Not necessarily because I liked him all that much, but I like prince Doran so much and I know losing his son is going to hurt. Hopefully Aegon will give him some solace, as I think in TWOW the Dornish are finally going to war.
Cersei's idiocy in AFFC in spurning the Iron Bank appears to be bearing fruit for Stannis, if he can survive long enough to harvest it. Given that Ramsay is Ramsay I'm not much inclined to believe his letter to Jon. Also holy fuck the last Jon chapter. After all of his work with the wildlings I have to wonder what will happen there. Will Jon survive? Will Melisandre give him the kiss of life like Thoros of Myr? If Jon dies will the Nights Watch try and fight the free folk that Tormund has south of the Wall? They may have done it "For the Watch" but it could end up spelling the end of the Night's Watch if they try and take on a few thousand free folk south of the wall.
Tyrion is good value as always, but I was disappointed in a lot of the Danaerys stuff. She makes frustrating decisions, as you'd expect of a young girl. Perhaps a certain Iron Captain can make her change her opinions- Victarion chapters were a good read, so I'm hopeful that he'll play a big part in TWOW as well.
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