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Excellent. I was wondering if the show picked up any awards. Tyrion is a great character, just through sheer comic value. That and being fairly genre savvy, which you don't much see in settings like this.

Much of said session watching it was spent musing whether Martin knew much of British internal views (I think he's American, but I'm not sure), given that Westeros is set out pretty much exactly like Britain and
Spoiler: show
has the North leading a revolt against the capital, which I think almost every Yorkshireman has dreamt of at some point
. Having Sean Bean in it just helps this case.

I particularly loved the whole 'Wall is there to stop unspeakable monsters from the North'. Great when you think of most Scottish cities on a saturday night. The Eyrie/Vale was a bit of a shout-out to Wales (mountain men, the Queen who still breastfeeds her 8-year-old son) and King's Landing is clearly London.

I also loved the Dothraki. Jason Momoa seems to be getting a lot of work as GENERIC BARBARIAN now that Stargate Atlantis is over.
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