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Misdreavus UPN PASBL: Concept vs. Connor

Right, so Connor has challenged Concept in a water-based battle, seemingly in some sort of Gym Scenario-esque attempt at proving himself, which seems to be a thing happening more and more frequently these days, though whether it'll be all Waters I don't know. And I suppose it's natural to want to prove yourself with Waters by taking on the person who only just recently left the Water Gym. Anyway, a quick look at the stats.

Originally Posted by Stats
4 v 4 Singles
Equiall 3
72 Hour DQ
Switch = KO
Having left the Arena picking up to myself, we'll be going with an arena that was supposed to be used in the Winter Whirl Cup, only to never see any action thanks to myself having to break out the DQ Hammer on my opponent. It's a pretty fitting arena for something such as this, the Cerulean City Gym.

Originally Posted by Arena
Cerulean City Gym - The most famous Water Gym in the world has opened its doors for the Water event of the decade, providing their sizable pool for a Round 2 battle. The pool has been altered somewhat, with many of the platforms removed but a square of thin decks left in the dead center. The decks are extremely sturdy and unbreakable, but are rather narrow and cannot hold Pokémon much larger than a Blastoise comfortably. The center of the decks are open to the water. On either end of the pool, there are two medium-sized platforms, both about 8 meters in diameter. The pool is quite deep, filled with smaller Water Pokémon, though they're unlikely to bother any combatants unless directly assaulted. At the bottom, a small coral reef fills the pool, allowing for smaller Pokémon to hide.
You both know how this goes. Connor, start us off if you'd be so kind.
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