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Watching her indisposed foe with a wide grin, Amatsukaze begins to concentrate intently on her own form, taking vestiges of health and energy and melding the substances together. With a sharp chirp, a second Togekiss comes into existence, the substitute grinning widely and whistling as she begins to move towards a nearby formation of debris. Grumbling, Kir turns to the best of her abilities, but any attempts made by her to attack are left utterly futile, the spasms in her muscles preventing any sort of concentration. Managing to get behind the debris, Amatsukaze lands on the ground, resting languidly and allowing energy to return to her body. Safely guarded by the debris, the Togekiss is left in a position unable to be assaulted by Kir, the Alakazam struggling to move to a position from where she can strike.

Kir remains fairly paralysed, and Toxic has kicked in. Amatsukaze refreshed herself this round and had an overall gain in energy.
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