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Alexander enters the Hatchery and finds a slightly anxious looking Miss Lulu thumbing through her notes. "Oh, you must be the trainer who I was expecting today," she sighs with relief. "I was starting to worry that maybe you'd not gotten the messages, or lost your way somehow... anyway, I'm glad you're here. It's nice to meet you!" She gestures for Alexander to follow her into the nursery.

Aside from the hum of the incubation machines, the room is silent. Flopped over a large cushion, a pale green creature rests on its belly. At first glance it might look to be sleeping, but as the pair step closer, the Pokémon slowly turns its head to examine the humans. The tough skin on its head is hardened into a scowl, but its large red eyes still seem to be assessing the newly arrived trainer.

The nursery attendant crouches down and reaches out as if to lift up the Pokémon, but it's immediately clear that this is an impossible feat for the rather fragile looking young woman. The baby doesn't move an inch. Instead, Miss Lulu kneels beside the motionless creature, gently stroking the large crest on its head. "...she's heavier than she looks," Lulu explains sheepishly. "Oh, that reminds me - she's already eaten a large portion of soil, but I'm sure she'll be needing much more in the coming days. Encourage that appetite so she grows up big and strong, won't you?" She smiles at the Pokémon, whose glare remains unchanged.

"She may also be a little cranky from hunger," Miss Lulu whispers. "She's not been terribly playful. Certainly has her strengths, though!" Just at that moment, Alexander spots a bright blue dustpan sitting on one side of the room, filled with small pebbles. The girl bows her head remorsefully. "I'm sorry, with her feedings, I haven't had much of a chance to tidy up..."

She gives the hatchling another pat and then gets to her feet. "I'll get to that right now," she declares. "Your little lady should be ready to roll whenever you are!"

Alexander has hatched a lv. 1 female Larvitar! Your Pokémon knows the Egg Moves Iron Head and Stealth Rock.
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