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Sweeney knew that Pokemon laid eggs. This was pretty much common knowledge at this point - only younger kids would find themselves surprised to discover this fact. However, the one thing Sweeney had never anticipated was ending up with one in his possession. Even through his leather gloves, he could feel the warm pulses of life forming within the shell of the egg, and it intrigued him. Not some simple, fleeting fancy - a genuine curiosity as to what would be brought into this world. Still, the way he had come upon the egg was ... strange. A man had been delivering him goods for some time now - normally innocuous, small deposits of cash or a Rare Candy here and there. The Technical Machines had been an unexpected - if welcome - surprise, but this? Sweeney couldn't help but feel that eggs were ... a little more valuable? Something about it didn't sit right with the Bartender, but all the same ... it was his now. With a heavy sigh, he walked through the doors to the Hatchery.

(Dropping off this Enigma Egg)
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