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Pena grunted in fear as the stuffed toy went sailing across the room, and climbed his way up his trainer, clinging to the back of the slightly frazzled young naturalist's head. Tate mirrored Lulu's expression as the young Joey was seized, weariness masked behind a smile.

The creature wriggled frantically in Tate's hands as she was received, challenging the strength of her new trainer. From his perch on Tate's shoulders, Pena looked down at her warily as Tate clutched the writhing joey against a flamboyantly colored chest.

"What, uh... what should we name her, Pena?" Tate asked the young, tense Tyrogue. Pena huffed. Tate sighed, and looked down at the lively young one.

"Come along, ʻŌpio," hummed the Johto native, shaking Miss Lulu's hand in thanks. "Methinks it's nap time..."
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