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Miss Lulu's Notebook

134: Enigma Egg, hatched into Kangaskhan Friday, 9th of June
deoxys: Enigma Egg, hatched into Mudkip Monday, 19th of June
Connor: Enigma Egg, hatched into Larvesta Saturday, 1st of July
Raves: Enigma Egg, hatched into Larvitar Tuesday, 4th of July
134: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Staryu Tuesday, 4th of July
Sandaa: Enigma Egg, hatched into Skrelp Thursday, 6th of July
Patches: Enigma Egg, hatched into Bergmite Monday, 24th of July
TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg, hatched into Skorupi Monday, 24th of July
morningstar: Enigma Egg, hatched into Grubbin Tuesday, 1st of August
Maskerade: Enigma Egg, hatched into Happiny Friday, 11th of August
Sandaa: Enigma Egg, hatched into Zangoose Thursday, 31st of August
Patches: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Darumaka Thursday, 21st of September
Naruxami: Enigma Egg, hatched into Goldeen Thursday, 21st of September
morningstar: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Ponyta Sunday, 1st of October
TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Chespin Sunday, 29th of October
OkikuMew: Enigma Egg, hatched into Feebas Monday, 20th of November
Sandaa: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Tynamo Monday, 4th of December
134: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Wooper Friday, 5th of December
Sandaa: Enigma Egg#4, hatched into Turtonator Monday, 11th of December
Patches: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Spiritomb Friday, 15th of December
Maskerade: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Trapinch Monday, 25th of December
Sandaa: Enigma Egg#5, hatched into Makuhita Sunday, 7th of January
TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Ferroseed Monday, 8th of January
Maskerade: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Pikipek Monday, 8th of January
Ex-Admiral Insane: Enigma Egg, hatched into Riolu Monday, 8th of January
Brave Saix: Enigma Egg, hatched into Ducklett Sunday, 14th of January
TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg#4, hatched into Snivy Monday, 15th of January
Raves: Birthday Egg, hatched into Minccino Wednesday, 17th of January
Sandaa: New Year's Enigma Egg, hatched into Rowlet Monday, 22nd of January
Naruxami: New Year's Enigma Egg, hatched into Tentacool Monday, 22nd of January
Ex-Admiral Insane: New Year's Enigma Egg, hatched into Ledyba Monday, 22nd of January
Lil'twick: Enigma Egg, hatched into Tympole Monday, 22nd of January
Stitches: New Year's Enigma Egg, hatched into Ponyta Monday, 22nd of January
Meetan: New Year's Enigma Egg, hatched into Honedge Monday, 22nd of January
morningstar: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Mareep Tuesday, 23rd of January
Patches: Enigma Egg#4, hatched into Skitty Wednesday, 24th of January
Serverus Snope: Birthday Egg, hatched into Chikorita Friday, 9th of February
Naruxami: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Remoraid Monday, 26th of February
myahoo: Birthday Egg, hatched into Dratini Sunday, 25th of March
TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg#5, hatched into Misdreavus Sunday, 25th of March
Naruxami: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Smoochum Sunday, 25th of March
Lil’twick: Enigma Egg#2, hatched into Shelmet Sunday, 25th of March
Balmund: Birthday Egg, hatched into Totodile Sunday, 25th of March
Schala: Birthday Egg, hatched into Tropius Tuesday, 27th of March
Gemini Spark: Birthday Egg, hatched into Rockruff Monday, 2nd of April
Meetan: Birthday Egg, hatched into Togepi Sunday, 8th of April
Marion Ette: Flying Egg, hatched into Gligar on Sunday, 29th of April
Skunkaru: Birthday Egg, hatched into Litten on Wednesday, 9th of May
Lil’Twick: Enigma Egg#3, hatched into Sneasel on Wednesday, 9th of May
Stitches: Enigma Egg, hatched into Blitzle on Wednesday, 9th of May
Naruxami: Enigma Egg#4, hatched into Gulpin on Thursday, 10th of May
134: Birthday Egg, hatched into Feebas on Saturday, 19th of May

TheKnightsFury: Enigma Egg#6, due to hatch Thursday, 7th of June
Maskerade: Enigma Egg#4, due to hatch Thursday, 7th of June

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