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Batrach found herself rather amused as Icarus managed to give a vague answer to her question that also counted as flirting. "In your dreams, huh?" she replied. Icarus then continued, stating that Mia would likely be back any minute now, and asked if they could get to know each other a little more while they waited. "All right, we could get to know each other a little better, I guess," Batrach replied. "Let's start with, in those dreams of yours, do you happen to remember my name?"

As Keith and Helena asked for Wendy to let them pass, Wendy brought a claw to her chin as though thinking about it (though Keith had the shrewd idea that her mind was already made up one way or another). She then gave a reply as she patted her armored belly. Keith might not understand Salamence language, but the whole belly patting thing was more or less universal- she wanted something to eat.

"Apparently, she might let us through if we pay the toll," Helena translated for Keith.

"And the toll, I'm guessing, is something to eat," Keith sighed. He supposed there were one or two edible things in his backpack, but he really didn't feel like forking any of it over to the Dragon/Flying-type before him. And the only ones he wouldn't have a problem getting rid of were a couple of special Pokéblock, themed after various holidays, all of them well past their expiration date, and Keith sincerely doubted Wendy would thank him for those. Hell, the only reason he didn't throw them away was because he figured they might come in handy at some point- he kept them sealed in plastic bags so the smell didn't bother anybody. And they were sealed up pretty well, too- even Hermione, Keith's Weedle, couldn't tell he still had them, and it was a little-known fact that Weedle had a highly acute sense of smell, on par with that of the likes of Arcanine and Mightyena. It was one of the contributing factors in Hermione's decision to not evolve- Kakuna and Beedrill had a decidedly average sense of smell in contrast to that of a Weedle, and Hermione didn't feel like losing out on such a useful trait.

At that moment, however, Hyrem shouted scoldingly to the Salamence, ordering her to let them through and threatening to withdraw her to her ball for the remainder of the day. And he sounded like he meant it, too, and Wendy knew it, for she grudgingly stepped aside, shooting a defiant glare at Hyrem as she did so. Hyrem then waved at Keith, remarking on how cool Dudley looked. Keith smiled- he realized this must be the first time Hyrem ever saw Dudley, evolved or otherwise.

"Hey, Hyrem," Keith greeted as he, Dudley, and Helena approached him. "Looks like Wendy evolved, huh? I gotta say, a Salamence, that's not a bad way to guard your Secret Base. Though Helena's pretty sure Wendy wouldn't have actually harmed us, whereas Ginny on the other hand..." he sighed, thinking about his Pawniard, who so often took it upon herself to guard Keith's Secret Base. "...Let's just say there's a couple of door-to-door Poké Gear salesmen that are lucky to be alive," he chuckled weakly. "Anyway, yeah, Dudley evolved," he added, changing the subject to that of his Shiny Slowbro. "Pretty cool, huh? We were at the beach one day when a wild Kingler got ahold of Pisces, so Dudley here dug up a Shellder that was half-buried on the beach and let it clamp down on his tail so he could evolve and save her.

"Hi, Hyrem," added Helena, smiling happily.

"Mmph, mmph," nodded the Shellder on Dudley's tail.

"Ah, right, and this is Kenny," Keith added, gesturing to aforementioned Shellder. Oh, yeah- Batrach evolved too, did you see?" he added, pointing up to where his Unfezant was currently talking to Hyrem's Skarmory. "That one happened during the Pokéringer competition in Breeze Town, we were up against the returning champion and his male Unfezant, and Batrach was just awesome," he grinned.

At that point, a blue and red dragon approached them, standing in front of Hyrem. Keith grinned at the sight- he had a feeling he knew exactly what this Druddigon was after here.

"Hey, Sarkhan," Keith grinned, already reaching for a Poké Ball on his belt. "I get the feeling I know who you're hoping to see. She's hoping to see you, too, so I see no sense in keeping either of you waiting any longer," he concluded, throwing the ball into the air and unleashing Pomona, his Ivysaur, who smiled happily as she saw Hyrem, but especially as she saw Sarkhan.

"Hi! Hi, Sarkhan," Pomona smiled. "Wow, you look stronger than ever," she added admiringly. "I'm getting stronger, too, check out what I can do now!" With that, Pomona reared up, her front legs glowing bright green, then stomped the ground with them. From where her feet touched the ground, a green aura spread out in every direction, and lush, green grass sprouted out of the ground all around them as a result of the Grassy Terrain attack. Anyone standing on said grass would quickly find themselves feeling oddly refreshed, and Pomona knew that any Grass-type moves she used while standing on this grass would be more powerful than usual. Indeed, Keith let out a contented sigh as he stood on the Grassy Terrain.

Before Keith could say anything else, the remaining two Poké Balls on Keith's belt burst open, and before he knew it, a Qwilfish and a Mightyena were looking up expectantly at Hyrem, and Keith knew why as well. "Heh," he chuckled. "Seems like Sirius and Hebenon realized just where we are, too. I'm guessing Leila and Delilah are inside?" he asked Hyrem. "Speaking of inside, that Jellicent and Ninetales I saw, was that Bedivere and Aislyn? Is Marion here, too?" he added. Helena said nothing, but looked a bit concerned. She was looking forward to seeing Michael again, but she could've sworn she tasted some kind of emotion that... didn't seem right, coming off of the Jellicent and Ninetales at some point. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she got the impression that something wasn't right.

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