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Base Items and Decorations

Cute TV x1
Kiss Cushion x1
Kiss Poster x1
Glitter Mat x1
Smoochum Doll x1
Pretty Flowers x1
Yellow Pretty Desk x1
Yellow Pretty Chair x1

Vanilla Vanillish Decoration x1
Chocolate Vanillish Decoration x1
Strawberry Vanillish Decoration x1

Christmas Tree x1
Green Sofa x1
Razor Leaf Mat x1
Long Poster x2
Green Poster x1
Red Poster x1
Charizard Doll x1
Lapras Doll x1
PC x1
Round TV x1
Fish Tank x1
Green Bed x1

Heartlax Plushie x1
Birthday Slowpoke Statue x1
Rock-star Pikachu Doll x1
Pikachu Belle Doll x1
Pikachu PHD Doll x1
Pika Lucha Doll x1
Pop Star Pikachu Doll x1

Bergmite Doll x1
Female Frillish Doll x1 (held by Ulysses)

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